Saturday, August 8, 2015

5/1/15 - 5/31/15

The progress had been moving so FAST so far!  But the month of May it seemed to come to a complete halt.  There were a couple of other houses in the neighborhood they were trying to finish before ours.  This month the cable, electrical lines, plumbing and and duct work was completed.



4/12/15 - 4/27/15

I'm sorry if you've stumbled upon my blog and this is really boring to you.  I'm blogging the construction of our new home so I will have a permanent "diary" of it.  I have hundreds of pictures of the process and wanted a place to document them.  The whole process has been really fun for us as we have never done anything like this before.  We bought our first home as a "fixer upper" and never really got around to fixing it like we had planned (other than painting).  I guess I shouldn't forget  Chad's hard work of laying ceramic tile in both bathrooms and laminate wood in the living room!  He did a fantastic job on those I might add!

But this was much different.  Someone else was doing all the hard work and we just got to go by and admire it all.  It has been a lot of fun!  Plus our new home was going to be double the size of our previous home.  We were FINALLY going to have room to stretch our legs and store all of our STUFF!

The most exciting part of these two weeks was seeing the upstairs take shape.
This is the guest room with bathroom and closet.

This room may be Eli's favorite room!  It's the bonus/play room.

Looking down from the top of the staircase

The kitchen and breakfast area

Our master room and master bath room

Standing in the breakfast area looking into the kitchen
And my favorite part... the front doors were installed!  I was so excited when Chad sent me this picture!

4/1/15 - 4/9/15

At this rate the house felt like it was going up so fast!  Our original completion date was July 15th and we thought we may even be in it sooner at the rate it was going!  It was so fun to drive by and see the progress.  This week we got exterior walls, windows and a roof.

This is the office closet


Eli loved going to see the new house each week.  That meant he got to play on the dirt piles!

Living room and fireplace

Looking into the kitchen and through our bedroom and mudroom

The office

Looking from the kitchen into the dining/breakfast area

The house really took shape this week!  We were able to get a good picture of the layout and size of the rooms.  We can't wait to see what's next!

3/20/15 - 3/27/15

More framing this week!  We finally had a better idea of what the house would look like.  While house hunting we looked at quite a few of our builders previous homes but had never seen this particular floor plan in person.  So the whole house has been sort of a surprise to us!

3/11/15 - 3/17/15

Two weeks after we signed the sales contract on our new home they poured the foundation.  The next week after the foundation was poured the framing began.  

 We got so excited to drive by and see the framing going up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Beginnings

We decided to finally put our house up for sale after many years of talking about it.  We cleaned and decluttered everything we could think of until we thought it was "show ready".  We finally signed papers and it was listed!  Four days later we had our first showing.  We got an offer immediately after the showing and our house was sold.  Just like that!  We couldn't stop laughing because we were in such disbelief!  We listed our house with hopes we could sell it in 6 months.  We closed on March 24th and moved out of our home.  The first home we had bought.  The home we brought Eli to from the hospital.  The home where we had created so many memories of our little family of three.  It was a bittersweet day but we were so excited for the future!

Before we ever listed our house we would spend the weekends going to open houses and trying to decide what we liked and didn't like.  That and we had no clue WHERE we wanted to live!  By the time we sold our house we knew what we were looking for in our new home.  We had become pretty picky and decided the only way we would be happy was to build our new home.  We met with the realtor for the builder we decided on and looked at floor plans and available lots in the neighborhood we had decided on.  We picked our floor plan only to find out they had just laid the foundation for that floor plan in one of the available lots we liked!  It was meant to be!

Let the fun begin!

I will be blogging the progress of our house over the next few weeks or however long it takes to complete it.  We are currently 2-3 weeks from our house being completed!  We're so excited we can hardly stand it!  I decided to blog the progress of our house so we would have some sort of diary of it's progress.  I hope it doesn't bore you too much!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the building process!